compostable cutleries supplier Look at the numbers in the bottom triangle

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compostable cutleries supplier

compostable cutleries supplier Look at the numbers in the bottom triangle: No. 1 PET: Heat to 65 ° C, cold resistance to -20 ° C. No. 2 HDPE: Do not recycle. No. 3 PVC: Best not to buy. No. 4 LDPE: Heat resistance is not strong. No. 5 PP: Microwave lunch box, fresh-keeping box, high temperature resistance 120℃. No. 6 PS: Heat and cold resistant, can not be put in the microwave. No. 7 PC Other categories: Water bottle, water cup, baby bottle. -- Clear beverage bottle

Plastic beverage bottles should not be heated

Winter has come, with the outdoor temperature drop, some of the field beverage booths more than a rice cooker, vendors will be a variety of bottled beverages into the heating sale, very popular with customers.

For several consecutive days, the reporter visited some beverage stalls on the street and found that in the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Jianbei Street and Jianbei Street, there are heated drinks sold, in order to make the pot of drinks adhere to the warm, the rice cooker will heat the water in the pot, the stall owner does not immediately power off, but has been powered to make it in a thermal condition. A stall owner said that heated and room temperature is the same price, but customers generally prefer to choose the heated one.

"The reason why I buy heated drinks is because my stomach is not good, which can warm the stomach and warm my hands." Ms. Yang, who just chose a bottle of heated milk tea, said that the vendors thought very thoughtful, the day is so cold, walking outside, or would rather buy one. In this regard, relevant experts said that the number "1" in the bottom triangle of the bottle of common mineral water, milk tea, carbonated drinks and other compostable cutleries supplier stands for PET. The compostable cutleries supplier marked with "1" can withstand high temperature at about 65 degrees Celsius. It is safe to use at low temperature and is not suitable for repeated heating. If heated or even boiled, PET will release a toxic substance DEHP when heated, endangering human health.

compostable cutleries supplier