rubber refiner machine The use of the board

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rubber refiner machine

rubber refiner machine Board is a rubber material with special anti-static properties. It is mainly used for the following applications:

1. Static control: The rubber refiner machine board can effectively control the generation and accumulation of static electricity, reducing the impact of static electricity on equipment, products, and personnel. In electrostatic sensitive environments such as electronics manufacturing, semiconductor industry, laboratories, etc., using rubber refiner machine boards can protect equipment and products from electrostatic damage.

2. Electrostatic protection: The rubber refiner machine board can be used as a floor material to form an anti-static floor system to prevent the accumulation and release of static electricity. This is very important for some electrostatic sensitive places, such as electronic assembly workshops, medical laboratories, dust explosive areas, etc.

3. Electrostatic shielding: Because the rubber refiner machine board has good electrical conductivity, it can be used to make electrostatic shielding materials and components. For example, in electronic equipment, communication equipment, and instrumentation, rubber refiner machine boards can effectively shield electromagnetic interference and electrostatic interference and ensure the normal operation of devices.

4. Static elimination: The rubber refiner machine board can be used to make a static eliminator or electrostatic ground mat, which is used to eliminate the electrostatic charge on the surface of the object. This is very useful in some occasions where electrostatic problems need to be dealt with, such as laboratories, industrial production lines, etc.

In short, rubber refiner machine boards are mainly used in electrostatic control, electrostatic protection, electrostatic shielding and electrostatic elimination applications. It provides electrostatic safety protection to reduce electrostatic interference and damage to equipment, products, and personnel.

rubber refiner machine